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    • Graphic Design

      Need your image updated?  We can brand you and even help you with marketing as well!

      • Logo Design
      • Corporate Identity / Branding
      • Flyers, Mailers, Business Cards, Post Cards and Greeting Cards
      • Signs, Posters, Labels, Product Labels
      • Web Graphics, CD and DVD Books and Artwork, Business Plan

    • Intuitive Life Coach

      My name is Torah. Through years of personal experience, growth and research, I have discovered everyone can find their own inner-knowing! Helping them to uncover truths about themselves, answer questions regarding which direction to go and what steps should be taken to get there. Contact me to get the support you need to get you started living your life in joy, peace, and love!

      • Detoxify your life
      • Discover your mission
      • Release self-doubt
    • Natural Parenting Education

      My main mission in life, and biggest passion, is advocating for the health, safety, respect, rights, and freedoms of our children! My natural parenting education services include:

      • Healthy, spiritual prenatal support
      • Doula, for natural homebirths
      • Breastfeeding advocate
      • Living organically
      • LifeSchooling at home                                                                                                                                                                                                     
    • Online Business Coach

      Having custom photography will give your website and graphics a professional and personal touch that will connect you better to your clients. By creating a visual reference for your visitors to know what your business looks like, the familiar faces that work there and the overall mood of office life will welcome your clients to feel more a part of the team and convert to leads.

    • Website Development

      Does your business need a web presence?    We offer WordPress website development which offers complete customization that can be tailored to your liking.  You are able to manage daily functions of the website through your easy to use interface or opt for us to manage it for you. Packages are scale-able to meet the needs of businesses large and small.

    • Workshops

      Increase your knowledge at some of our awesome workshops we offer online for your convenience,.

      • Fermentations, Kombucha, Kimchi
      • Eco Art Tables and Hemp Jewelry Making
      • Starchildren and Spiritual Evolution
      • Sustainability

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  • Logo Design and Labeling
  • Corporate Identity / Branding
  • Flyers, Mailers and Business Cards